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Who we are

Discovering 42

At KIK we are driven by a single purpose, to remove barriers to education for youth, the disadvantaged and all. With this belief at our heart, discovering 42 in Francis was KIK's 'eureka' moment.

A school that has mastered the way to distrupt learning so it could serve a more authentic purpose. A belief that 'everyone can be great' and 'someone's social status should not hinder them from learning'.

With this belief at the heart, 42 schools are free, no prior qualifications are necessary, they have no teachers and use a peer to peer gamified pedagogy. 

Discovering and bringing 42 to Australia became an obsession for Louise Nobes, the Founder and CEO of KIK. In 2021, the inaugural cohort of 42 Adelaide students commenced their journey.

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Louise Nobes

Our founder

​With 15 years of experience as a professional social worker, Louise Nobes had a deep understanding of the challenges people face in finding employment and assessing life-changing opportunities. Her unwavering dedication to dismantling the obstacles to employment led Louise to establish KIK Innovation, a not for profit organization with a charitable mission. ​ Louise's initiative is centred on discovering solutions to tackle the employment challanges faced by individuals who are economically disadvantaged and marginalized. One significant impediment Louise addresses is ensuring equitable access to education for all, encompassing youth, women, and all those who confront financial or learning disabilities

The journey

Established in 2015, KIK Innovation embarked on a mission to empower disadvantaged individuals through innovation and entrepreneurship, culminating in the creation of KIK Coffee. This initiative materialized in the form of commercial KIK Coffee stores in Adelaide. These stores not only served as retail outlets but also as training grounds for students, offering invaluable business education and employment opportunities. From 2016 to 2018, KIK Innovation dedicated 15,000 hours to training over 100 participants, resulting in 22,000 hours of paid employment, a testament to the program's effectiveness.

In 2020, Louise discovered 42, a transformative education model originating from France. Recognizing the alignment between 42's ethos and KIK's mission, Louise was struck by a 'eureka' moment. 42 reimagined education, removing barriers like prior qualifications and socioeconomic status, offering free education devoid of traditional instructors. Instead, it relied on a peer-to-peer gamified approach, rooted in the belief that greatness is within everyone's reach. Inspired by this paradigm shift, Louise was determined to bring 42 to Australia.

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