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Founder & CEO

Louise is an award-winning social entrepreneur, founder & CEO with a 15-year background in social work and business. Louise is highly recognized for her ability to work with disadvantaged young people and to inspire them to create their own solutions out of poverty. To achieve this Louise created KIK, which is a brand-led company, that creates jobs through co-designing business solutions with young people. KIK’s mission is to end youth unemployment through enterprise.  

Since August 2016, KIK is an enterprise that includes 2 Kik Coffee stores across Adelaide, KiK Cleaning Services  plus the newest venture  Kik & The Chocolate Factory. Led by the top KIK inspires a culture of curiosity, disruption and purpose.



Chairperson & Director

George is a multiple award-winning Business Strategist, Presenter and Best Selling Author.

Over the last 15 years, he has directly helped more than 350 business owners across 34 industries add an estimated $150+ Million in new revenue, as well as improve all areas of business performance.

George has owned multiple businesses of his own as well as built and led one of the highest performing teams in the business coaching industry worldwide.

He has written two best selling business books. The recently published “Small Changes Huge Results - How Successful Businesses Grow, Scale And Thrive” launched to best-seller status nationally and abroad, while his previous title "Bold Brave Business - Strategies to Amplify Your Profit, Scale and Growth" became a best-seller within 7 days of launching in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and Germany.

With a passion for learning, education and all things business, a staple of George’s success has been a focus on strong leadership as well as the utilisation of proven frameworks that are simple to understand and easy to implement.



Director & Secretary

Mel is a senior leader with 20 years experience across diverse industries including Mining, Technology, Retail, Finance, Health and Government. She has a passion for transformational change management, training and technology. 

Mel has significant experience in the development, design and implementation of innovative, industry led training and education models and frameworks and is passionate about delivering outcomes for clients and students to ensure quality and innovative learning outcomes.

She is passionate about providing opportunities for employment and education for all and believes that everyone can be great.



Board Member

Sam is an experienced international finance professional and lawyer.

Sam is currently Managing Director of Capital Prudential funds management and a Non-Executive Director of the Social Impact Investment Network of South Australia.

Sam previously held Board and Senior Management positions at Rural Bank Limited and Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Ltd where over 13 years he held positions across all aspects of banking including structured finance, capital raisings, mergers and acquisitions, credit, lending, operations and products.

Sam has previously been a Director of Homesafe Solutions a specialist fund manager in the retirement sector. Prior to this Sam spent 10 years as a lawyer both in Australia and Europe specialising in international cross border structured finance transactions.