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Founder & CEO

Louise is an award-winning social entrepreneur, founder & CEO with a 15-year background in social work and business. Louise is highly recognized for her ability to work with disadvantaged young people and to inspire them to create their own solutions out of poverty. To achieve this Louise created KIK, which is a brand-led company, that creates jobs through co-designing business solutions with young people. KIK’s mission is to end youth unemployment through enterprise.  

Since August 2016, KIK is an enterprise that includes 2 Kik Coffee stores across Adelaide, KiK Cleaning Services  plus the newest venture  Kik & The Chocolate Factory. Led by the top KIK inspires a culture of curiosity, disruption and purpose.



Chairperson & Director

Cindy is a senior national manager with a passion for transformational change management including the development and implementation of workforce reform in the health, mental health, welfare and immigration sectors, with a focus on delivering quality services using a systems approach to achieve highly efficient and effective service delivery. Cindy has a real interest in goal setting and meeting outcomes at both a strategic organisational level and with individuals.

Cindy has significant experience in the development and design of community-based programs and change management; with a particular interest in client outcomes and using client data to improve service delivery quality and a strong focus on system development and service structure design.



Board Member & Director

George is an award-winning Business Strategist, Entrepreneur, Presenter and Author.

Over the last fifteen years, he has directly helped more than 300 businesses in 34 industries improve all areas of performance and presented to thousands more. He has owned multiple businesses of his own as well as built and led one of the highest performing teams in the business coaching industry worldwide.

With a passion for learning, education and all things business, a staple of George’s success has been a focus on strong leadership as well as the utilisation of proven frameworks that are simple to understand and easy to implement.



Board Member & Secretary

With brand and agency experience both in Australia and the UK, Alicia has developed and implemented marketing strategies for small businesses, NFPs and global brands. Alicia has worked with brands such as Cisco, Rockwell Automation, Credit Union SA, Ironfish, Phil Hoffmann Travel, Thomas Foods International, Cancer Council SA and Aboriginal Health Council to enhance their online and offline marketing strategies.

Alicia now heads up the digital marketing team at the Adelaide-based agency, Hybrid Marketing, collaborating with the digital and account management teams to develop customer-centric omnichannel strategies for clients that deliver ROI. In the NFP space, Alicia was previously the Chapter President of Cambodian-based charity, Empowering Communities and is excited to bring her extensive marketing experience to the Inspired Buy board.



Board Member

Provides contemporary human resource leadership, direction and expert advice on a wide range of strategic HR management matters such as legislative compliance (including The Fair Work Act, industrial relations, bullying and harassment, discrimination, sexual harassment, WHS, etc.)